so alive again…

Hey my loves! It took me quite some time to sit down in front of the computer and to write this blog. It’s way too beautiful here to spend time in front of a display and I just want to enjoy every second here. I’m realizing why I once wanted to move here. I’m just not made for countries like Austria – although I love the nature and all but I could also go there every now and then for vacation, right? Here in South Africa I’m feeling completely free. Everyone who knows me is aware of my crazy sides which include my inner wish to emigrate to somewhere. Why not? Since I’ve been here with all these wonderful, helpful and absolutely fascinating people I can’t think of anything else. The feeling gets stronger and stronger and I’ll try my very best to move here someday. But I have to go home first, already looking forward to flying here again in March 2019 – for my next camp.

If you want to join me – what I really recommend to anyone who loves nature & animals, who enjoys communicating with unconventional people and who’s into sports – just let me know! I’m already planning my next camps that take place in the upcoming year! If you need any more information about the schedules and what is included, don’t hesitate to text me. The camps generally include: training with weights, running, swimming, golfing, cycling and wellness where you’re treated like a king/queen. Additionally we’re adding several outside activities in order to provide the perfect Africa experience.

There are so many people I will miss a lot, for example my friends from the gym. Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows them already. Since I came here we’ve spent every single minute together and I love them as much as I love the friends I’ve had for many years. Maybe even more since we’re always completely honest and we truly accept each other. I’ve already told you about Ruan who is a very nice and charming golf player. He is working at the Golfclub here and I’m sure he’s going to be the next Tiger Woods. Then there’s Edwin, a ranger and hunter. He goes on safaris with tourists and makes a special effort to protect the animals here in South Africa. If you don’t know him you would probably think that he’s a macho which is absolutely not true. Also Marcel, who is the clown of the gang, amuses us with his dancing or other fooling- it’s never boring with him.

I really do appreciate how people treat each other respectfully and not only the humans but also animals and nature. Everyone wants the country to remain as it is and I’m literally touched by the efforts. For instance it’s completely normal to not take a shower every single day since the country suffers from a lack of water – everyone just hopes for rain.

I feel so free here. Free of any pressure to earn money, free of building a wall between me and other people, free of any stress to be popular, free of rushes like they exist in Austria. Here everything is how it is and that’s accepted without being sad or angry. I could mention several examples but on the whole you should know that this place is like paradise to me. I hope you can at least imagine a little bit how this completely different world looks like. I wish you all the best & that you enjoy every second of your life – we only have one.