groet jou :-)

For many years I’ve had the idea of organizing a sports-camp in South Africa and (due to several reasons) now is finally the time where it’s actually happening.

Now I am sitting here on my balcony in the middle of the wildness, writing this blog about our very first sports-camp and trying to include everything that has happened in the last four days.

It’s indescribably beautiful to introduce other people to the country I’d describe as my home (since I was little).

The house we’re living in is my fathers property and it offers a perfect location with quietness on the one hand and endless possibilities for activities on the other hand.

There’s a reason for the relatively small amount of participants in my program: my future camps are taking place in several different countries and I want to make sure to offer my clients a satisfying, individual service in order to make the experience unforgettable. Not only do I take care of the training, I also cook three healthy meals a day, go on safaris and so on. Until now this plan has worked out pretty well. I offer 3-4 training sessions a day and our participants range from beginners to advanced. The attendance isn’t obligatory hence everyone can decide independently whether to be active or to take a day off relaxing by the pool or exploring the nature with its inhabitants (via safaris).

We’re living in a resort that is inhabited by all typical animals except for the “Big Five”. Therefore it is actually pure wildness we’re living in, also accommodated by dangerous animals.


It is of high importance to me to bring people and animals together and to help them deal with this situation. Our planet earth is not only the human being’s property, we share it with these wonderful creatures who have the same rights to live peacefully and freely. It is totally normal that zebras, giraffes, birds, wart hogs and antelopes linger in our own gardens – obviously not all at once yet simply the way they want to. To experience this means a lot to many of our participants.

Today we’re having a “Braai” which is a barbecue and I’m about to prepare the food and everything that has to be done.

Expect to hear and see a lot from us in the upcoming week! See you soon.