After a hectic 10,5 hours flight I’m sitting at the London-Airport and I’m freezing. The „normal“ life got me back and I’m more than sad about it. But I want to share with you some of the greatest moments of the last two days in Rooiberg in Limpopo.

As I’ve already mentioned, I had several successful and interesting meetings over there. The managers of Zebula, which is a golf and spa-resort, are very kind and all of them are such amazing people. It is unbelievable how a place so far from home actually feels like home.

My last evening I was already very sentimental and I wanted to just spend it cosily on my own. At 7 PM I went to the restaurant and enjoyed my meal while it was about 35°C, the sky full of thunder and lightning. In the area of “Waterberg” the highest amount of lightning strikes have been recorded. It is so beautiful to watch the nature that just seems to be unstoppable. Then it started raining. I wanted to go home but then Anthony, a very kind and lovely person, convinced me to go to “Dirk’s Place” where a live-band was playing. It was planned to drink one farewell-beer with one of my closest friends Marcel and to go home afterwards. But apparently the evening was supposed to end differently: everyone who I was close with came to the bar and the cozy evening turned into a wild tequila-night. I can’t remember when I’d had that much fun, it was a perfect night with amazing people. The party didn’t seem to end.

The next morning Edwin and I agreed to do something very cool and he promised to collect ideas. Very hungover and tired I hurried up to be on time – luckily Edwin had had a party the night before, too, so I wasn’t the only one who was late. But we did the greatest thing I could had imagined: we went to the neighbor-resort where a herd of elephants was living and did a so called “game walk” which is a safari where you basically walk through the bush. 😊 Right at the beginning we saw elephants and we approached them until we were 20 meters close. We were standing there, watching them and talking about South Africa, relationships and what not. Suddenly a baby elephant appeared and it seemed a little curious. The mama followed its baby and together they stopped one meter in front of us, sniffling if there was any food. Then another female elephant joined them and grabbed gently my food with its snout. They were standing next to us for a couple of minutes and then they left (probably we weren’t that interesting 😊). Edwin and I continued to walk through the bush. He is very good at picking up traces and he told me a lot about the animals, the bush and the lifestyle of a certain bird he was very stunned by. Unfortunately I forgot it’s name but all I know is that these birds always stick together and they only look for new partners if the old one dies. Edwin says that human beings should copy this behavior and I totally agree! As I’ve mentioned many times, people’s attitude towards relationships are very different here compared to Austria – that’s reason enough to be there, how could a men with another nationality than South Africa be interesting to me anymore? 😉

That amazing morning was followed by a very emotional and sad goodbye to all my friends who live or work there. From 10 AM to 3.30 PM I met every single one of them and we planned future events together and hugged each other a lot. I’m not very good at saying goodbye since I burst into tears very easily and I literally cried the entire day. At noon I had to leave and even though I really didn’t want to I went to the airport. I had thought about cancelling the flight and staying there but then I realized that that wouldn’t make the goodbye easier. It took me about 2,5 hours to get to the airport and I was crying the whole way through. I don’t know how to describe it but when I passed the exit-door, my heart broke into pieces. It still feels awful to have to go back to Austria.

Now I’m sitting in the plane from London to Munich and I try hard not to cry. But I have to stay strong and I can only hope that the time until the next time goes by fast – I’ve already booked flights for March to go back. This time I’m going to stay longer, if everything works out as planned I’ll stay for 3 months. Next time the goodbye is probably not as hard since I won’t go back lonely and the time between the camps is getting shorter and shorter. Only time will tell what is going to happen. I wish you a very nice week and see you soon!