Trainingcamp South Africa

You’re into cardio, fitness, weight training or golf? You’re looking for the ultimate experience? You’re in love with animals, nature and foreign countries? Then my camps are the perfect fit for you.

Within my trainings camp in South Africa I offer the ultimate experience for sportspeople but also for persons who haven’t been active for a long time and aim to become it again. Spend an unforgettable time with likeminded people in the breathtaking area of northern South Africa. Choose between a one- or two-week stay at the luxurious golf & spa resort – a vacation combining safaris, training , golf and wellness. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or already advanced – my camp will push you further. Since the camp is situated at great height, it can also be seen as a high altitude-training.

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This is how your individual schedule could look like: 

– early morning exercising

– breakfast

– pilates / body weight training / golfing / running / mountain biking / swimming

– lunch 

– gym

– stretching

– dinner


Activities, besides the ones mentioned above, will be organized as well: Safaris, relaxing at the 5-star spa… We’ll satisfy every wish of yours!

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