The Team




Daniela Trilety – ever since her early years, sport has been a fixed part of the pretty Pongau- girl’s daily routine. 5 years ago, the passionate fitness athlete, golfer and hiker started bodybuilding and achieved high rankings in the state competitions. Last year, she took over the Werfener Hütte at 2.000 meters above sea-level and transformed it to a go-to spot for passionate mountain-lovers who want more than a boring soup with overpriced goulash. Her know-how and love for sports are contagious for her guests and the camp participants. She is also well versed when it comes to nutrition, metabolism and specific body training.


Daniel Chytra – he was Austrian state champion in the Nordic combination, is an educated paraglider and ski-instructor and has been shaping his body inter alia for the title “Mister Salzburg” and multiple model-arrangements in Austria and Germany. Also, he is a passionate golfer and hiker and he loves everything that has to do with air. His fourth-favorite hobby are model aircrafts. (Don’t forget to ask him about his top 3 hobbies ;-))

Ever since he knows Daniela, he has found passion for South Africa and from this year onwards he’ll be available for you at both camps, at Werfener Hütte, Salzburg and in Zebula, South Africa.


Joy is love, nothing else. If you can love, you are joyful. (H. Hesse)

Daniela and Daniel have one goal: to make every single moment for their guests special.  They do not only care about the fitness part of your stay but also your personal comfort and culinary experience with local specialties from Salzburg as well as amazingly fresh and tropical ingredients from South Africa – healthy and delicious.

Special wishes will be fulfilled in all conscience and both hosts will support you in all matters regarding sports and fun.

The most important thing for both is, doubtlessly, that every guest will always remember the time at their camps!