Outdoor Gym

Interested in heights-training?

I offer a heights-training of a special kind – in my outdoor gym at the cottage “Werfener Hütte”.

I’ve been the tenant of the beautiful cottage since the beginning of 2019. It is located at heights of about 2.000m above sea level and is only accessible by foot. Whoever may come here enjoys peacefulness and a stunning view. In the first outdoor gym at that height you’ll workout in the open air with a view over the entire valley “Salzachtal” and the mountains of the Tennengebirge range.


Heights training in alpine flair

Our current machines:

– 4 bar

– combination machine for pull-ups, dips and leg lifts

– bench press-machine

– dumbbells up to 40kg

– leg extension/leg curl-machine

– machine for biceps/triceps

Our equipment is constantly growing in order to keep the outdoor gym at heights of 2.000m above sea level just as unique and stunning as it is.

It’s an experience of a special kind that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Working out in the middle of the Austrian alps – that’s heights training with an alpine flair. Join us and convince yourself!

That’s how you get to the cottage „Werfener Hütte“.