early bird


This morning my alarm clock went off at 3 AM. In the main building I packed a basket full of delicacies to eat for breakfast and at 4.30 AM we started our “early bird”-safari. The participants came into the kitchen sleepily and after we’d had our coffee we started our adventure.

As always someone wanted to – from force of habit – get into the car on the right side of the vehicle although in South Africa people are driving on the left. After a couple of minutes we met a giant group of gnus who seemed to be more awake than we were at this point. We got to witness them playing and other animals like nialas, different kinds of antelopes, zebras and warthogs. One participant who hadn’t attended any morning runs where we got to see many giraffes, dreamed of seeing one desperately. Suddenly five or six giraffes were standing right in front of us, having their breakfast and we were watching these wonderful animals for quite some time. In the meanwhile we got hungry as well and we had our delicious breakfast in the middle of the bush.

What I love about Africa is the silence and relaxation everyone seems to hold. You won’t see anyone hustling or running and as soon as you’re used to this specially calm behavior you start enjoying it. As I have mentioned in my first blog, I love this country with its landscape and its human and animal inhabitants. I would truly move here with my cat and dog from back home!

Two days ago I played golf for the first time in a couple of years and I was surprised by my “good” technique of hitting the ball. I have to admit that I had a very good and charming teacher back then…

In the gym Ruan, who is a professional at golf, approached me and asked if I wanted to play with him which I completely was down to. South African people are true gentlemen and you’re treated like a princess – the European men can (should) copy a lot. Another advantage of South Africa is the open-minded attitude, especially compared to countries like Canada.

You’re never alone and you’re always invited and involved by strangers in a very warm way. That’s where many of my actual friendships come from! I can already see that it’s going to be the same with Ruan and I can’t wait to play another one or two rounds with him. Sadly time goes by so fast hence the nostalgic feeling of saying goodbye already appears.

The camp itself is being a great success, the participants are sore and very ambitious – they love the exercises! As always I’m surprised by how connecting such an activity is. No one feels like a stranger here, we are like a little family. One attendee even said that she doesn’t want to live without another person in the group. I find that so amazing, especially in a usually cold and heartless world like ours. Things like these show me that there are still people who love and respect each other no matter how imperfect they are. Obviously it’s not always as peaceful as described since many different characters come together in our camps but there has never been a problem and I’m proud to say that we handle this “difficulty” very well.

The harmony of the last couple of days means a lot to me and shows me that I’m on the right path. I couldn’t imagine any work that could possibly fulfill me as much as this one does.

Now I’m expecting some family members who live here and I’m so looking forward to seeing them.

See you soon and lots of love!