Do what you love!?

„Do what you love“?! I heard this quote first when I attended a lecture in Abtenau 3 years ago. My best friend was one of the lecturer – Romana is a really talented writer who has already published four books and on top of that she is a great astrologer. She has been one of my closest friends for several years now – a friend I admire and I look up to. We’ve already faced many bad situations together and I will surely never give up on her. So now I have to stop being that sentimental and back to the topic:

Back then I really enjoyed listening to Romanas lecture about doing something enjoyable each day with the main message to get out of the comfort zone, to take a risk and to leave the everyday-life behind. I started thinking about what makes me really happy. Is there something, I would enjoy doing everyday if I had more than enough money? I couldn’t think of anything. To be honest, I really tried to find something for a long time but I couldn’t. When I went back to my routine I stopped thinking about it. Suddenly, when I awoke one morning, I had a flush of inspiration and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. But back then it seemed to be impossible.

In my past I’ve had several setbacks and once I was very close to quitting everything, but I am not the kind of person who gives up easily. I always find the energy to continue pursuing my goals. I barely ever am content with simplicity – a characteristic I probably got from my father who taught me to look further, be stronger and better each day. He’s always motivated me to do what I think is best for me although nobody may have understood it. Mostly the people around me didn’t see the point behind what I was doing and they probably though I was crazy but in the end I was just ME. And I like myself just the way I am – it doesn’t matter to me if there are people who don’t like me since they have never supported me but rather did they talk badly behind my back and use me whenever it was possible. Now, I finally am where I always wanted to be and I can say the same for my profession.

With my company I’ve founded a perfect combination of all the things I genuinely love. I organize sport camps in the wonderful alps of Salzburg, in the valley in St. Johann am Pongau, at my own cottage „Werfener Hütte“ I lease from January 1st on and in my second home: South Africa. To be honest, I’ve been working 24/7 lately but I love it. I’m more than ready to make something great with amazing people by my side. The cottage will be opened all year round from February 1st on so that everyone has the chance to come during their ski-tours or other winter activities.

The first alpine camp takes place from February 14-17: It is called „snowshoeing for singles“ hence you don’t have to spend the valentines day on your own. Moreover, I truly love food and cooking and I cannot wait to cater you!

The upcoming year is going to be very exciting and I cannot wait to make amazing memories with you.

See you very soon!