die mooiste land <3




So finally the first camp is done. It’s not that easy to coordinate everything and to keep on track as planned. There are always things coming up that I hadn’t thought about before or things that turn out to be completely different than I had expected. Again it was a great experience I learned a lot from for my life. Yesterday I accompanied all the participants and worker to the airport and now I’m here, lonely in the bush, reevaluating the last days and weeks.

I have several meetings planned for the upcoming days so I can use the remaining time in South Africa efficiently. Today I woke up very early and I had an amazing „leg day“, afterwards I grabbed breakfast in the clubhouse to eat it on the terrace. Now I’m sitting here in my little house in the middle of the bush, writing this blog.

I was completely shocked when suddenly a 20cm long lizard appeared right next to me and it seemed to be at least as irritated as I was about the unusual companion. We looked at each other and then it went away and I continued writing. I will miss exactly these moments when I’m back home. But I also can’t wait to see my own dog Eni and my cat Lia who are probably waiting for me very desperately.



The upcoming weeks are going to be very intense since I have to plan the next camps and I can’t wait to show you details and dates! It’s going to be amazing. I really want to thank you a lot for your consistent support and messages. In the next couple of days I’ll give you further information regarding prices, dates, activities and so on.

Many people texted me to ask what it’s like to live right next to animals that can be dangerous, just like snakes, spiders, scorpions, lizards and so on. Yet within my 20 years of experiencing Africa I haven’t had a critical moment at all. At your arrival you’re being informed about any important things and also rules about how to react and behave that apply to the life in the bush. If they are followed, nothing should go wrong. The media presents the country as very dangerous, which may be true for some parts of it, but the area where the camps take place (and additionally in a 5-star resort) has always been safe. Even further away, for instance in the next small town that’s 50 kilometers distant, I haven’t had a bad experience although I went shopping on my own. You can move and live completely freely yet safe to say that if your not a nature-lover the camp will not be right for you. For those who love the nature, its animals and who are open for new experiences: you will love it.

Life is very contrary here because on the one hand you see all the luxuries and on the other hand the simplicity and problems like lack of water. I’m a person who treats nature and animals very respectfully hence it’s no problem for me to safe water and to behave according to the rules.

South Africa has had my heart for many years and every time I come here I’m surprised over and over again by its beauty. It’s never going to be boring, every second here is worth it. See you very soon!